It is the goal of every human being to attain everlasting happiness. In search of this happiness man has adopted the material path of science and technology. This material progress has made his life comfortable and full of amenities.

Achievements during the last several years are amazing, from nuclear science to space science, from scooter to missiles, and from cellphone to internet.

Thus, means of happiness and prosperity have increased but a search for attaining everlasting happiness is still going on.

Despite of the search for everlasting happiness and peace being going on for centuries, man is still in the same situation that is running after material happiness. Hence mental stress has become the bi-product of materialism.

Nowadays serious problems are arising due to this reason in the nations progressing materially by leaps and bounds. Surprisingly, amidst this society, there are people living divine life with faith and spiritual attitude.

The origin of such radical spiritual vitality is the organization which is known as SMVS - Swaminarayan Mandir Vasna Sanstha. The spiritual meaning of which is "Shreeji Maharaj's Very beloved Society (SMVS)"

This organization was established in 1987 in Vasna area in the city of Ahmadabad of Gujarat state in India with construction of grand and holy temple.

The foundation of this organization is laid on the doctrine of supremacy, divinity and non pareility of lord Swaminarayan and also the high ideals of supreme doctrine first time explained by Jivanpran Abjibapashree.

The source of inspiration of this unique socio-spiritual movement is H.D.H. Bapji.

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