Day - 3

       On the third day of the session in the early morning ladies prabhat pheri was organised. In the morning pujya Swamishree gave his divine speech on the kirtan “Rajipa no upay”. After that Vachnamrut Acharya H.H.Bapji explained the puzzling Vachanamrut and gave his divine speech on “Madhya nu 49mu vachanamrut”.

       In the evening session to experience Murti sukh the third sankalp was declaired by Pujya Swami shree.i.e.”Potapana ni buddhi kariyee”. This topic was explained in detail by the stage show and also by a cultural program on the kirtan “Jiv nu jivan mara vahala...”.Pujya Swamishree gave a detail knowledge on the topic by his divine speech.

       Pujya Murti Swami gave his speech on the topic-“what is Satpurush?” and Pujya Nirgun Swami gave his speech on the topic-“what is Aatma buddhi?” After that Pujya SwamiShree gave divine speech on the topic-“Importance of Aatmabuddhi”.Other senior saints gave speech on the topic,”Four parts of Potapana ni buddhi”. The session was ended with the divine blessings of H.H.Bapji.

       Approximately 15,8૦૦ ladies and gents attended the session.