Revolutionary Satpurush

  February 26, 2018

This is about the powerful Satpurush HDH Bapji whose birth is by the divine blessings of Shri Abjibapashree. This divine Satpurush HDH Bapji is the present-day revolutionary Satpurush.

15 years after Lord Swaminarayan stopped showing his avarbhav form, by his blessings given to Devuba, Shri Abjibapa took birth in Katch district of Gujarat. Abjibapa revealed the true form of Lord Swaminarayan and prepared the holy books “Shri Abhjibapashree ni Vato” and “Rahasyarth Pradipika Tika Sah Vachnamrut (Annotated Vachnamrut)” in 2 parts that show the easy path to obtain ultimate salvation and eternal bliss of God.

Shreeji Sankalp Murti Jeevanprān Abjibāpāshree, arrived at Ahmedabad after travelling through the villages from Muli to Khākhariyā in samvat 1979. Responding to the prayers of the devotees of Nalkanthā, Bāpāshree had come for the inauguration of the women’s temple in the Vāsvā village. There, He accepted Jethābhāi Thakkar’s request and went for a religious visit to the Vāsan village. The devotees of Vāsan prayed to Bāpāshree to bless Jethābhāi with a son. Acknowledging their prayer, Bāpāshree blessed him and said, “Mahārāj will give you not one but two sons, however, ‘Half is yours and half is ours’.” As per Bāpāshree’s blessings, Devubhāi (Guruvarya HDH Bāpji) manifested on the 1st day of the dark half of Fāgan in samvat 1989 (13th of March, 1933).

It is a famous Gujarati saying that,

Putra nā lakshan pārnā mā thi”.

This means a child’s characteristics are visible from the time he is in the cradle. Accordingly, Devubhāi’s unique character was evident since childhood. He was composed, calm, peaceful, happy, detached from the pleasures of this world, and his child life was filled with penance, detachment and devotion towards God and santo. These qualities made Him different from other children of His age. As a result, He abandoned his house in samvat 2012 (1956) at midnight to initiate as a sant so that he could preach the supremacy of Lord Swaminarayan. As a sant, He started travelling from village to village and did assemblies day and night for those who came to him. He preached the faithful devotion of Lord Swaminarayan. In his each and every assembly He would explain the reference of 51st Vachnamrut of Gadhda‘s First Chapter, in which Lord Swaminarayan has mentioned his true form.

As we all know, that without understanding the true form of Lord Swaminarayan, whatever we do to please him is of no use. Just as a letter cannot reach its destination without a proper address, no form of devotion reaches Lord Swaminarayan without the true knowledge of His divine form. This Revolutionary work of explaining the true form of Lord Swaminarayan is done by HDH Bapji.

In avarbhav, at the age of 85, due to age barriers, doctors strongly advise HDH Bapji to take sufficient rest. However, His insistence is such that He cannot live without addressing people in assemblies. HDH Bapji always says that giving discourses is my real rest and so regularly urges to setup His assemblies 24 hours a day.  Since the creation of the universe such clear knowledge about the form of Lord Swaminarayan has never been propagated before. Isn’t it a revolution?

He has opened the doors to this supreme mission with which He had arrived with. Shreeji Mahārāj’s ambition for the fulfillment of this mission has reached maximum luminosity similar to that of a full moon’s night. HDH Bāpji has openly begun propagating the eternal, supreme and original principles of Lord Swāminārāyan, which were explained by Abjibāpāshree.  He has built temples with absolute upāsanā and has installed idols of only Lord Swāminārāyan and His muktas. Bringing about this purity of upāsanā, Guruvarya HDH Bāpji has started a revolution in the history of the Swāminārāyan sect.

We all know about the incident of Sadguru Nityanand Swami. He opposed even the Lord himself to make sure that Lord Swaminarayan’s supremacy would be written as it is it. At the end of the 7 day incident, Lord Swaminarayan was so pleased with Nityanand Swami’s faithful devotion that while addressing everyone he said, “Real devotees should be like Sadguru Nityanand Swami. He did not follow even my orders when it came to the matter of writing about my true form.” Similarly, HDH Bapji opposed the entire Swaminarayan sect just to propagate the true form of Lord Swaminarayan. Even when there was no support other than Lord Swaminarayan, he never compromised in his principles. He has always explained the supremacy of Lord Swaminarayan by the references of the Vachnamrut. He preaches about the eternal form of Lord Swaminarayan and that Lord Swaminarayan has made me an Anadimukt and that I reside in the idol of Lord Swaminarayan.

He explains the true meanings and intentions behind each word in the Vachanāmrut, a scripture of Lord Swāminārāyan’s divine preachings, and firmly establishes pure supreme upāsanā and the status of an Anādimukta. For this reason, Guruvarya HDH Bāpji has become known as the ‘Āchārya of the Vachanāmrut’ in the entire Swāminārāyan sect.

Moreover, by the blessings of Lord Swaminarayan and the hard work of HDH Bapji, there are crowds of devotees who are ‘Sahjanandi Lions’. This is called the present-day revolution.

HDH Bapji always preaches to his sants that “O santo! We shall never do any such act which is not liked by Lord Swaminarayan. Never compromise in any principle or commands of Lord Swaminarayan for anyone. Always do what Lord Swaminarayan likes but don’t focus on what other like. That’s what true sants of Lord Swaminarayan are.” Even in this 21st century the young sants and women ascetics of SMVS strictly observe and practice the commands of Lord Swaminarayan. In the same way, the devotees also follow the five vows and commands of Lord Swaminarayan. That’s why it’s said that HDH Bapji is a revolutionary Satpurush.

Moreover, He inspired the establishment of the ‘Swāminārāyan Digvijay Mandal’ for the propagation of the principles of Lord Swāminārāyan. This ‘Swāminārāyan Digvijay Mandal’ served as a teaching mechanism for Indian tradition and for the proliferation of high morals and values throughout society. Furthermore, for the upliftment of the society He has established Gurukuls (Spiritual Hostels), educational institutions, relief camps, tribal outreach programs, women upliftment services and health centers. Guruvarya HDH Bāpji’s vision to spread Kāran Satsang across the globe is bearing fruit as the number of Kāran Satsang centers and temples are progressively growing across the world.


9 Revolutionary Works of HDH Bapji:

1.      He has established temples with Supreme Upāsanā in which idols of only Lord Swāminārāyan and His muktas are installed.

2.      He has openly propagated the supreme principles of Kāran Satsang by becoming free from the bondage of the sect’s conventions.

3.      He has created a cadre of sants and devotees who put in the principles and codes of conduct of Lord Swaminarayan in their practical life.

4.      He has explained the underlying meanings of the Vachanāmrut and the Rahasyarth Pradipika Tika (Annotations in the Vachnamrut) as they are to be understood.

5.      He has built more than 50 temples and initiated the construction of more than 100 new temples within a short span of only 31 years.

6.      He has created teams of more than 6000 staff volunteers to carry out more than 35 small and large social services.

7.      He has propagated satsang activities in more than 11 countries including India, United States of America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Uganda and many more.

8.      For the upliftment of the society He has established Gurukuls (Spiritual Hostels), educational institutions, relief camps, tribal outreach programs, women upliftment services and health centers. Even today, through the establishment of SMVS Charities, He has taken up the project to build a multispecialty hospital, named SMVS Swaminarayan hospital, to make specialized healthcare affordable for everyone.

9.      At last, in his presence, He has nominated His spiritual and social successor as HH Satyasankalpdāsji Swāmishree.

Thus in this way he has made us truly fearless and has started the PRESENT-DAY REVOLUTION. This is only possible by the REVOLUTIONARY SATPURUSH HDH BAPJI.

Isn’t it a Revolution?